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Cutting-Edge Treatment
for Mental Health

Heal anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, OCD, ADHD, & more.

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I'm Christine Boudreau, LPCA, AFMCP, CTP
Holistic Therapist & Mental Health Pioneer

I'm at the forefront of the mind-body healing movement. My innovative integration of functional medicine with therapy sets me apart in the mental health field.


I specialize in helping you overcome barriers to achieving your highest potential -- utilizing a systems approach to mental health.

You've got a compassionate, collaborative partner in me. Together, we solve the puzzle and connect the dots.

I'll guide you to see how your past experiences might trip up your present success. You'll gain insight into subconscious roadblocks that undermine your goals.

Overcome the childhood event that triggers your inner critic today. Tame the toxic shame that stops you from achieving your dreams.

You'll learn new tools to master your blind spots and achieve the life you always envisioned

You'll obtain lasting relief as you're freed you from the obstacles holding you back.

Book now to achieve your highest potential and experience lasting, transformative change.

Mental health is a systems problem, not a symptoms problem. Systems - biological, genetic, psychological, environmental, social - work in concert.
To heal, you need a systems solution, which is my area of expertise.

- Christine Boudreau, Holistic Therapist | Dallas, Texas

Why Functional Medicine for Mental Health?

Because your anxiety might be caused by an unhealthy gut microbiome. Or it might be caused by unresolved adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Or deficiencies in key vitamins or minerals. Or it might be caused by intergenerational trauma. Or all the above.

Because if you only tackle one component and ignore the others, then the issue is never truly resolved. The pain persists. The feelings fester. The result is often years of battling chronic illness, gut health, insomnia, weight gain, and adrenal fatigue. 

Because once you know the root cause, you fix the root cause -- versus using a surface approach that only treats the symptoms. Like any weed, if you don't treat the root, the problem never goes away.

Because you've tried every pill and every remedy and cannot solve the problem.

My Services



One-on-one sessions are ideal for healing and growing towards your optimal self. We explore your past its effect on your present life. We strive to heal wounds so you can achieve your best life.

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These sessions are helpful for overcoming present-day obstacles. We focus on solutions in the now with an eye towards future goals. Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Solutions-Focused (SFBT) are the primary tools. 

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Functional medicine is a holistic healthcare approach that determines the root cause of symptoms. If you suffer from physical issues and suspect mental health might be at the root, then this session is for you.




These sessions are great for reviewing diet & lifestyle to determine where small changes can make a big impact to overall mental & physical health. You'll learn how food affects your mood.

Beach Meditation


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Jen, McKinney, Texas

Christine cares about you deeply and genuinely wants you to heal. I love my sessions with her and look forward to them.

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Sophia, Frisco, Texas

She made insightful observations that had eluded me for years which led to positive change. I recommend her highly!

Dianne, Plano, Texas

Christine was patient, empathetic, & understanding. I cannot thank her enough for figuring this problem out.

I Can Help You









Overcome Complex PTSD

I Can Help You


Gut Health


Weight Gain


Chronic Pain


Adrenal Fatigue


Restful Sleep

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Why Christine

Holistic Healing Trailblazer. I'm at the forefront of the mind-body healing movement. My innovative integration of functional medicine with therapy sets me apart in the mental health field. With me, you access cutting-edge benefits.

Unparalleled Expertise. With extensive qualifications in counseling, functional medicine, & coaching, my expertise is unmatched. My deep skillset helps you conquer the most challenging emotional hurdles. My comprehensive approach ensures you receive the highest standard of care.

Transformation Catalyst. I'm not just a therapist. I'm a catalyst for personal transformation. You'll break free from limitations & unlock your potential. My innovative approach sparks change in you that lasts a lifetime.

Collaborative Partner. Your journey to well-being is a collaborative process. You're not just a passive observer. You're an active participant in your own transformation.

Track Record of Success. My clients' success speaks volumes. My methods deliver tangible results that transform your life. My clients don't just talk about change; they embody it. You'll achieve profound, sustainable change. 

Discover your unique journey to healing & transformation. Book your appointment today to experience the difference of a truly innovative, holistic therapist.

Beliefs may start in the mind, but they end up in the body.

-Joan Borysenko, PhD, author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

My Approach


Determine Root Cause

Traditional therapy often focuses on symptoms but ignores root cause. Only treating symptoms can cause a lifetime of recurring issues. Instead, I dig deep to unearth the source of your symptoms to create

lasting healing. 


Create Custom Solutions

You are unique. No one experiences life exactly the way you do -- not even your siblings. I formulate a personalized plan tailored specifically to your individual needs based upon your genetics, history, antecedents, triggers, and mediators.


Restore Optimal Wellness

Traditional therapy focuses on mental health only. I take a different approach. I believe the mind + body are one. What occurs in the mind affects the body and vice versa. To restore wellness, you must treat both mind + body.

Discover How to Connect the Dots

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It's not all in your head.

Sometimes it's in your genes, biochemistry, food, childhood, and/or environment.

“Before working with Christine, my anxiety was at its worst. Christine helped me identify my triggers and manage my flashbacks. I'm a different person now.”

- Amy, Frisco, Texas

“I really didn't think I had any trauma in my life. I thought trauma was only big disasters. I'm so grateful for Christine because without her help I'd keep blaming myself for not being good enough.”

- Laurie, Plano, Texas

“I had horrible painful bloating for years. Turns out, I was holding on to unresolved childhood feelings and feeding the feelings sugar and caffeine. I thought I was over that mess. Christine helped me see things differently.”

- Jennifer, Dallas, Texas

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Connect the dots to your optimal health.
You'll achieve new heights, resolve old feelings, & maximize success.

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