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Connecting the dots to what clients say about Christine.

“She made insightful observations that had eluded me for years which led to positive change. I recommend her highly!”

Sophia, Frisco, Texas

“Before working with Christine, my anxiety was at its worst. Christine helped me identify my triggers and manage my flashbacks. I'm a different person now.”

Amy, Frisco, Texas

“I really didn't think I had any trauma in my life. I thought trauma was only big disasters. I'm so grateful for Christine because without her help I'd keep blaming myself for not being good enough.”

Laurie, Plano, Texas

“I had horrible painful bloating for years. Turns out, I was holding on to unresolved childhood feelings and feeding the feelings sugar and caffeine. I thought I was over that mess. Christine helped me see things differently.”

Jennifer, Dallas, Texas

“I was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness, and I felt so hopeless and helpless. It felt like no one understood me, and no one knew what to do with me. Christine got me. She is kind, compassionate, and I'll forever be grateful to her.”

Heather, West Texas

"Christine's ability to problem solve really helped me. She made connections I had never considered. Now I know what triggers me, and how to deal with it."

Rebecca, Allen, Texas

"Christine's holistic therapy is exactly what I needed. I saw several doctors who rolled their eyes at my symptoms. My previous therapists were great but couldn't help me. I had no idea most of my anxiety was caused by a leaky gut. Christine figured it out.

I've never felt better."

Alexis, Dallas, Texas

"I wish I would have found Christine sooner! It would have saved me thousands of dollars. She spent time digging deep into my history and uncovered the source of my issues. So grateful for her!"

Tracy, Frisco, Texas

"I wish I would have found her sooner. She's like having the smartest best friend who cares about you deeply and genuinely wants you to heal.

I love my sessions with her and look forward to them."

Jen, McKinney, Texas

“I struggled for years with brain fog and depression and felt like no one took me seriously. Christine was patient, understanding, and empathetic. I cannot thank her enough for figuring this problem out.”

Dianne, Plano, Texas

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