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What is Functional Medicine?

What is functional medicine? Functional medicine is an approach to healthcare that focuses on treating the root cause of an illness or health condition, rather than just managing symptoms. It is an integrative and personalized approach to medicine that aims to address the underlying imbalances in a patient's body and lifestyle.

Functional medicine practitioners understand that each person's body is unique, and therefore they develop personalized treatment plans that take into account a patient's genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors. By addressing the underlying causes of illness, functional medicine practitioners can help patients achieve optimal health and prevent chronic diseases.

Functional medicine practitioners typically spend more time with patients than traditional doctors, taking a detailed medical history and conducting comprehensive laboratory tests to identify imbalances in the body. They may use a range of treatment modalities, including dietary and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, acupuncture, and other alternative therapies.

One of the key principles of functional medicine is the concept of "biochemical individuality," which recognizes that every person has unique genetic and environmental factors that influence their health. By understanding these factors, functional medicine practitioners can develop tailored treatment plans that address the individual needs of each patient.

Functional medicine also places a strong emphasis on prevention and maintaining optimal health, rather than just treating disease. This approach involves working with patients to make lifestyle changes that promote health and wellbeing, such as improving diet and exercise habits, reducing stress, and getting enough sleep.

Overall, functional medicine is a patient-centered approach to healthcare that recognizes the importance of treating the whole person, rather than just their symptoms. By addressing the underlying causes of illness and working with patients to promote optimal health, functional medicine practitioners can help patients achieve lasting health and wellness.


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