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Sandy Beach


Connecting the dots to transform your life.


Christine is a pioneer in mental health.

She specializes in cutting-edge treatment of mental health issues, combining a mind-body approach.

Feeling Good Never Felt Better

Christine's expertise enables her to masterfully treat 

anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, & complex PTSD,

as well as the physical manifestations of

mental health symptoms, like

gut issues, weight gain, chronic pain, adrenal fatigue, & poor sleep.

Mental Health Specialties

Stressed Woman


In today's fast-paced life, stressors seem never-ending & abundant. You might constantly feel pressure from many sources. You might find it difficult to unwind. The tools you used to de-stress might no longer work. Christine helps you identify your stress triggers, & she teaches you how to reduce chaos to restore balance in your life.

Laptop and Plant


Anxiety is a stress response. It's a sign the nervous system is primed to respond to a threat (real or perceived) with the 4 Fs: flight, fight, fear, or fawn. Issues arise when we get stuck in the 4 Fs response, thus stuck in anxiety. Christine teaches you easy tools to initiate your "rest & digest" nervous system. You'll learn why you're anxious & how to restore calm & peace anytime.



Depression is often thought of as lingering sadness, but it can be more than that.  You might feel hopeless, worthless, pessimistic, annoyed, or angry. Depression can feel like a shroud over your entire world. You lose interest in things you once loved. Christine helps you uncover the source of the darkness & guides you to lasting clarity & light.

Sad on Couch


Trauma can affect you today regardless of how long ago it occurred. Trauma is a wide spectrum that includes surviving horrific events, bullying, life-threatening illness, deeply disappointing experiences, & more. If echoes of the past challenge you, Christine is a supportive safe haven to heal old wounds. She'll teach you how to find peace, security, & safety in the now. 

Bag of fabrics

Complex PTSD

Complex PTSD is often a result of prolonged or repeated trauma, like Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES). You might feel stuck in painful patterns. Christine specializes in guiding survivors through the complexities of their experiences. Together, you'll work on healing your past, restoring your sense of safety, navigating triggers & flashbacks, & creating peace in the now.

Physical Health Specialties

Checking Weight

Weight Gain

Weight gain is more complex than simply eating too many of your favorite foods & not moving enough. Weight that seems impossible to lose is often times alerting you to unresolved and unprocessed emotions. If you struggled to lose weight, book a session with Christine to learn how the past affects your waistline & learn how to heal. She'll create a customized diet & lifestyle plan that works with your unique past & biochemistry. You'll lose weight & resolve old feelings.

Hugging a Pillow

Chronic Pain & Chronic Fatigue

Persistent, chronic pain or fatigue - that seems to have no source - might be your body's way of telling you there are unresolved & unprocessed emotions.

The body remembers what the mind tries to forget. Sometimes chronic pain is an old feeling crying for help. If your doctor ruled out all medical causes, book a session with Christine to discover the root of your pain & get lasting relief.

 Young Woman Contemplating

Adrenal Fatigue

Feeling wired & tired? Have you been stressed out for far too long? Do you feel like you're constantly rescuing a baby from a burning building? You might be suffering from adrenal fatigue. When your cortisol levels remain too high for too long, your adrenals crash. Christine helps balance your biochemistry as she guides you to healthier stress responses. You'll learn the best foods to sustain equilibrium, & you'll be able to identify & manage your stress triggers.

Stomach Ache

Gut Health

Unresolved & unprocessed feelings can result in GI issues, like chronic bloating, diarrhea, & constipation. Poor gut health can result in a cascade of mental health issues. It's a vicious cycle. If you struggle with chronic GI issues & your doctor ruled out medical causes, Christine can help. She helps you discover hidden feelings that might be surfacing as poor gut health. She helps heal your past & heal your gut with a customized nutrition plan tailored to you. 

Lazy Morning

Low Quality Sleep

Consistent low-quality sleep is a signal from your body that something is off. Sleep issues are yet another clue that you have unresolved emotions. Christine helps you address the root cause of sleep issues, offering strategies to manage stress & process emotions. She'll teach you tools to activate your "rest & digest" nervous system so you sleep well. With her support, you can achieve restful sleep & enhance your well-being.

Your Mental Health &
Physical Health Are Linked

Anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, & complex PTSD aren't just mental struggles.

Your mental & physical health are bi-directional:

both systems influence each other.


Mind & body work in concert.


Mental health issues are usually

accompanied by physical health issues.


Address both mind & body to truly

heal & achieve optimal wellness.

Rock Maze

Want help navigating the maze?

Book now to improve your health today.
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