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Connecting the dots to live your best life.



One-on-one sessions are ideal for healing and growing towards your optimal self. We explore your past experiences & their effect on your present life. We strive to heal wounds so you can achieve your best life.

Woman on a Deserted Road



These sessions are helpful for overcoming present-day obstacles. We focus on solutions in the now with an eye towards future goals. Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Solutions-Focused (SFBT) are the primary tools. 

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Functional medicine is a holistic healthcare approach that determines the root cause of symptoms. If you suffer from physical issues and suspect mental health might be at the root, then this session is for you.




These sessions are great for reviewing diet & lifestyle to determine where small changes can make a big impact to overall mental & physical health. You'll learn how food affects your mood.

Beach Meditation

Invest in You

You deserve to achieve your highest potential.

Your hopes and dreams are calling. It's time to make yourself a priority for a change. Give to yourself the way you give to others. When you invest in yourself, everyone around you benefits.

Flexible sessions tailored to you.

How frequently we meet is up to you. Want to accelerate your growth? Weekly sessions are best for you. Are you a thinker? Biweekly sessions provide time to digest a-ha moments.

Feeling good never felt better.

You are invaluable. Your growth and transformation are priceless.

Each 45-minute session is priced at $125. Book now & feel better sooner.


Alexis, Dallas

"Christine's holistic therapy is exactly what I needed. I saw several doctors who rolled their eyes at my symptoms. My previous therapists were great but couldn't help me. I had no idea most of my anxiety was caused by a leaky gut. Christine figured it out. I've never felt better."
Rock Maze

Stuck in life's maze?

Book today & find the way to your best life. 





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