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Break My OCD Code


For 40+ years, I've lived with OCD.

I get your struggle.

Work with me, & you’ll experience the release from OCD that I & my clients experienced due to my integrative treatment.

I blend CBT, ACT, & functional medicine.

Because OCD is not just one thing.

It's a complex set of root causes that intersect, like genetics, trauma, & biochemistry.

Therefore, I treat the whole person – mind & body.

I’ll assess 8 key contributors to your OCD & determine your unique OCD Code™.

Then, I’ll build a custom treatment plan targeting your specific needs based on your OCD Code™.

OCD is sometimes accompanied by anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, ADHD, & more.

OCD can manifest in physical issues, like chronic illness & gut dysbiosis.

Determining your unique OCD Code™ allows us to address all of your issues & symptoms.

Because I treat both mind & body, you feel better and experience permanent change across many facets of your life.

You’ll have a step-by-step plan that shows you exactly what you need to do.

I’ll be there at every step to guide you and help you succeed.

You’ll overcome obstacles & gradually build new insights that lead to new behaviors.

I purposefully pursued expertise in treating OCD because it’s personal: 3 generations of my family battle OCD.

I know how it disrupts lives, & I can help you break the cycle.

I passionately help you create lasting, permanent transformation.

With my training & expertise, we will solve this complex riddle, break your OCD Code™, & you will live your best life. You'll be heard & understood. I get you.

I mastered this approach and improved my OCD by practicing what I preach.

I taught many OCDers how to improve their lives.

I'll help you too.

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